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At-Risk Youth

How can you tell if your child is at-risk? If your child is struggling with any of the following issues, he or she may be at risk:

  • Anger issues

  • Defiance issues

  • Drug Substance abuse (drug, alcohol or medication)

  • Poor academic performance

  • Poor sense of commitment to responsibilities

  • Poor family relationships

  • Socially withdrawn/poor social relationships

  • Negative/harmful peer relationships

  • Depression

  • Self-destructive behavior (e.g. climbing rooftops)

  • Deliberate self-harming (e.g. self-inflicted cuts on the wrist)

  • Carrying/keeping contraband or illegal items

  • Sexually promiscuous

At C.U.T.S., with the implementation of our hands-on approach to be change agents for our at risk youth, parents will notice significant improvement in undesired behavior. 

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